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Welcome to Budget Way

Each day customers visit our dealership and are surprised by what is included in the price of our vehicles. We believe our customers should have a worry-free experience after purchasing their vehicle for years to come. This is why we INCLUDE the following list in every vehicle that we sell.

* INCLUDED - a 6 month 50/50 drive train warranty. 15% for the life of the car loan once 6 months is up. If you were to request the price of a 50/50 drive train warranty from a company that sells warranties, it would exceed $2000.00.

* INCLUDED - a 15 day mechanical bumper to bumper. Although we do our absolute best to catch everything a vehicle needs during the inspection and repair process, we want to know in the first 15 days if we missed anything, no matter what it is mechanically.

* INCLUDED - Rental vehicles. If you happen to require warranty service work, we do not want to interrupt your daily life and leave you without a vehicle. We have a fleet of rental vehicles for our customers at no cost to them. Our only requirement is that you are current on your vehicle payments.

* INCLUDED - Towing. FREE LOCAL TOWING. If you happen to break down and warranty work is required, one of our tow trucks will pick up your vehicle for free and tow it to our location for the warranty repair, so long as you are within a 30 mile radius. Beyond 30 miles, there could be a slight fee.

Budget Way, 507 E. Fulton Street, Garden City, KS 67846 620-275-6726